Against the background of the changes illustrated in the previous blog post, I logged the following tables/fields that are in my opinion the ones that should – from a financial perspective – be tracked at a minimum.

Fixed Assets
Setup section
Fixed Assets18_FA_200Value models18_FA_300Fixed asset identifiers (if used)18_FA_400

Setup section

Accounts Payable
Setup section18_AP_100Vendors

Accounts Receivable
Setup section18_AR_100Customers18_AR_200

Cash and bank management
Setup section18_BK_100Bank accounts18_BK_200

General Ledger
Setup section18_GL_100 18_GL_200 18_GL_300

Please note that the previously illustrated tables that should get logged from a financial perspective represent my opinion. This selection is not meant to be exhaustive nor definite and aims to provide you with a starting point for setting up the database log.

Please also note that you should avoid logging transaction tables as logging them might have a negative effect on system performance.

If you miss important tables/fields that should be logged in any Dynamics AX setup and country-environment, feel free to leave a comment on this site to help other Dynamics AX users getting their setup right.