If you ever used the Dynamics AX database log you might have realized that it can be pretty hard to find the correct tables and fields that you need to log. One of the underlying reasons for those difficulties is that the elements that you can find in the database log window use labels that differ from the names that you can find in the AOT. Due to the use of labels, some of the elements that you want to have tracked do even appear double in the database log setup window (see the following screenshot for an example). 18_00_000
To overcome this issue and to alleviate the identification of the correct tables and fields that should be logged from a financial perspective, I made the following changes:

1. The first change made ensures that the AOT table names rather than labels are referred to. This can be realized by making the following adjustment (see the next screenshots).
18_00_100 18_00_200 18_00_300 18_00_400 18_00_500Through the changes illustrated in the previous two screens, I ensure that the ConfigKeyLabels refer to names rather than labels.

2. The second change that I made is including the AOT name in addition to the label name in the Logsetup section of the database logging wizard18_00_600This change allows identifying the AOT table names and the original labels used and helps ensuring that the correct tables and fields get logged. 18_00_700