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Within the previous two blog posts I showed you the setup of the database log and how it can be used to trace changes that have been made to different tables / fields in Dynamics AX.

While the database log helps you identifying the ones who made “mistakes” in the system, the Dynamics AX electronic signature feature can help you preventing those mistakes in the first place. In order to realize this, I use the standard Dynamics AX electronic signature functionality slightly different than intended. (For details on how to use the standard Dynamics AX electronic signature functionality, see e.g. the following TechNet site). I will illustrate you this slightly different usage of the electronic signature feature based on the following example.

In the organization administration module, I setup an electronic signature requirement for changes – other than inserts – to the inventory posting table.
If somebody tries to change the inventory posting setup for example by altering the main account that has been setup previously…
… the electronic signature window pops up.
As no valid electronic certificate has been setup, the electronic signature window can only be left with “Cancel”, which triggers the following infolog and discards any changes that have been made to the original setup:

In summary, by setting up electronic signature requirements without the required electronic signature certificates, critical Dynamics AX tables/fields can be locked for changes without making system modifications.