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You might have noticed that Dynamics AX does not generate any voucher when you post the product receipt for a purchase order that includes goods that are setup only as procurement categories. The following screenshot shows this standard behavior for the purchase of “staplers”.EN_2The fact that Dynamics AX does not generate any voucher is a disadvantage from a finance & controlling perspective especially in situations where the receipt is recorded in one month and the invoice in the following month. The disadvantage is that the expense reported in the profit & loss statement is incorrect (too low) and that the balance sheet does not include an accrual for those expenses.

Fortunately, you can change this standard behavior by doing some minor changes in the setup of Dynamics AX. The setup I am talking about can be realized by using a purchasing policy and activating the parameter “accrue purchase expense on receipt”. See the following screenshots. EN_3EN_4After activating the aforementioned parameter, Dynamics AX generates a voucher once you post the product receipt for your procurement categories. EN_5Please note that Dynamics AX uses the “purchase expenditure, un-invoiced” account for the debit posting and the “purchase, accrual” account for the credit posting.EN_6As usual, Dynamics AX reverses the transactions that have been generated during packing slip posting when the invoice is posted.