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The Microsoft BizApps Germany team has started a new podcast where we talk to different people from the Microsoft BizApps area to give you a quick and easy introduction to the Microsoft BizApps world.  

We will talk to Microsoft employees, MS partners, end users, MVPs and many more to give you a lot of information and, of course, tips and tricks about Microsoft Business Applications.  

Even for those who have been working in the Microsoft Business Applications environment for some time, there is interesting information on special solutions, contact persons and important events.  

Our first podcast with Stefan André Raschke has just gone live and can be found wherever podcasts are available (Spotify, ApplePodcasts, amazon music, google podcasts, etc.). Below is a link to the first episode on Spotify (Just click on the text) 


Please note that this episode is available in German language only but over time we will also have English speaking guests.

… and of course we are happy if you give us a subscription to the new podcast channel 😉