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Recently, Microsoft launched this new website, which allows us helping to improve Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its family of products and solutions by discussing ideas, providing suggestions and giving feedback.

This site offers a great opportunity for all Dynamics community members to make their ideas and suggestions heard and/or to vote for features that have already been suggested by others.

The ideas and suggestions that get the most votes are likely to be built into future versions of the Dynamics 365 product family. Even though there is no guarantee that one’s idea will be realized, there is absolutely no chance that it will be considered if you do not make yourself heard and use this platform.

That’s why I would like to ask you to make use of the newly released site, not only to bring your own ideas forward but also to vote for other already existing ideas in order to make the Dynamics 365 product family even better in the future.

My personal current favorite finance & accounting related ideas are

  1. Address selection for collection letters
  2. Customer lump-sum depreciation of overdue customer positions (invoices)
  3. Foreign currency revaluation cash and bank management module
  4. Secure attachments for certain groups of users or security roles
  5. Single voucher per expense report
  6. Financial Reporting using Chart of Accounts translated descriptions
  7. Parallel / Multiple inventory valuation
  8. Provide ability to restrict ‘Project Stages’ by Security Roles or controlled by Workflow

Do you have other or better ideas?
Then share them on https://ideas.dynamics.com/ideas/ or vote and comment on already existing ones, such as the ones I listed above.

Many thanks for your support and helping making the Dynamics 365 product family better.