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The following screenshots provide you some additional information on the fixed asset posting profile setup used for the examples illustrated in the blog posts. Please not that separate ledger accounts are used for each combination consisting of (a) the fixed asset transaction type, (b) the fixed asset group and (c) the value model. EN_40_ANHANG_0005 EN_40_ANHANG_0010 EN_40_ANHANG_0015 EN_40_ANHANG_0020 EN_40_ANHANG_0025 EN_40_ANHANG_0030 EN_40_ANHANG_0035 EN_40_ANHANG_0040

Please note that the sales disposal parameters illustrated in the following screenshot could be setup in more detail. Yet, the major point that I want to make here is that the ledger accounts that are setup in this section differ from the ones used for recording the original fixed asset transaction. As an example, fixed asset acquisitions are recorded on ledger account 180500, while the offset transaction that is recorded when the fixed asset is sold is recorded on ledger account 180502.

As for fixed asset sales, separate sub-ledger accounts have been setup for recording the scrap of fixed assets. For details, please see the next screenshots. EN_40_ANHANG_0050EN_40_ANHANG_0055

The last screenshot included here shows some additional details of the ledger account setup. The term “PKW” included in square brackets represents the fixed asset group.