Dynamics AX 2012 offers users a feature that allows them previewing vouchers before transactions are posted. The feature is called “subledger journal” and is – among others – available in the vendor invoice posting form for purchase orders and the free text invoice form. Even though the subledger journal feature does only illustrate the subledger part of a voucher, it can help users identifying errors before they post transactions.

Unfortunately, the journals that are available in the General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) module do not have a similar preview functionality. A possible workaround is printing a journal report as illustrated in the following screenshots. Yet, this report does not show the complete voucher as sales tax transactions are excluded.EN_1ExampleEN_2

One possibility to overcome this shortcoming is using the preview transactions form that is available for selected countries in Eastern Europe. Making this form available for other countries and users requires the following three minor system modifications:

  1. Adjust the Display Menu Item „LedgerTransPreview_RU“
    Simply add your country code in the properties of the menu item.EN_3
  2. Adjust the table „TmpLedgerTransPreview_RU”
    As before, simply add your country code in the table properties.EN_4
  3. Adjust Labels
    If you are unhappy with the default English translation, adjust the following two labels: @GLS104587 and @GLS104588

As a result of those modifications users can now identify a third option denominated “preview journal transactions” when they open the GL journal form. EN_5Selecting this option opens the following window that allows a detailed preview of the vouchers included in the journal. EN_6Please note that the same preview functionality automatically becomes available in the AP invoice journals, the AP payment journal and AR payment journals.