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If you ever got furious about the standard Dynamics AX “breakdown of voucher” functionality, the following post might provide you with an alternative solution that can easily be implemented.

Let’s start by having a look at the standard Dynamics AX breakdown of voucher functionality and how it is used for entering the following invoice details:

Entering this invoice requires the following steps:

Step 1: Select the vendor, enter the invoice amount, then select “Functions-Breakdown of voucher”

Step 2: Break down the invoice by entering the tax details and the gross and net amounts in the upper section of the form and the ledger account information in the lower part of the form. (This step can easily become very awkward especially if you have to enter numerous invoice lines with different tax details that require navigating between the upper and lower section of the form)

Step 3: Once debit and credit balances match, select the update button to transfer to invoice line details to the journal

Now let’s have a look at the T-account feature and how you can enter the same invoice details using this functionality.

Step 1: Select the vendor, enter the invoice amount, then select “T-account”

Step 2: In the T-account form, you can find the credit transaction that has been entered in the journal voucher form.
Complete your transaction by entering the debit transactions as required.EN_21_150
Note: You can personalize this form as any other Dynamics AX form and incorporate for example the sales tax fields into the debit and credit sections as illustrated in the following screenshot.

Step 3: Once you close the T-account form, the T-account lines are transferred to the journal voucher form.

Note: As illustrated, the T-account form provides you with a greater flexibility in regards to entering voucher lines in Dynamics AX. What is more, you are not limited to entering only ledger accounts but you can also select other account types, such as customers, fixed assets, etc. Finally, the T-account form allows you transferring transaction lines to your journal even if debit and credit amounts do not match (see the following screenshots for an example).
Transferring incomplete transactions from the T-account form to your journal does not mean that this incomplete voucher can be posted, yet it provides you with more flexibility in the way how you enter vouchers in Dynamics AX.


After illustrating you the functionality of the T-account form, I will show you how this form can be made available for all Dynamics AX users. Making this form available requires the following minor system modifications:

Modification 1: Make the extended data type “LedgerTAccountEnabled_JP” available for the countries you need
As a result, the T-account parameter becomes available in the General Ledger parameters form. Activate this parameter.

Modification 2: In the LedgerParameters table method “isTAccount” enter the iso country codes you require

Modification 3: Enable the country codes you require for the TAccount menu item button in the LedgerJournalTransDailyTAccount form as illustrated in the following screenshot.

Modification 4: Allow editing of the account type in the LedgerJournalTransDailyTAccount form as shown in the next two screens. This adjustment allows you selecting different account types in the t-account form
DEEN_21_205 DEEN_21_206

Modification 5: Adjust the lookup methods for the debit and credit side to enable the lookup of the accounts for the different account types required. Example:

Modification 6: Adjust the SegmentValueChanged methods in the LedgerJournalTransDailyTAccount form as illustrated in the following screen

Modification 7: Change the @GLS60236 label as required

Please note that the T-account form is by default only available in GL daily journals. Yet, making this form available e.g. for AP invoice journals can easily be realized based on the previous system modifications illustrated.