Dynamics AX provides users of the fixed asset module the functionality to preview the future values of a fixed asset. This can be achieved by opening the fixed asset profile window that is available in the value models form of a fixed asset. EN_2-1EN_2-2Unfortunately, the fixed asset profile form only shows future fixed asset values for the very fixed asset that is currently analyzed. By default (most) users are not provided with a Dynamics AX form or report that allows analyzing the future values of all the fixed assets of a company. I used the term “most” because Dynamics AX users in Poland and the Czech Republic are provided with a standard fixed asset forecast report. This report can easily be made available for users in other countries by adding a company’s country code into the CountryRegionCode field of the output menu item “AssetDepreciationPlan” (see the following screenshot).EN_2-3As a result of this modification, a new “Depreciation plan” report can be identified in the report section of the fixed asset module. EN_2-4

ExampleEN_2-5Despite all the advantages of this standard report, it lacks a feature that allows users analyzing the data quickly and easily. That is mainly because the report simply lists the fixed assets one after the other. Yet, this disadvantage can easily be fixed through some minor adjustments to the standard report design in Visual Studio. The following screenshot shows a simple example. EN_2-6Overall it can be summarized that only some minor system modifications are required to make a depreciation forecast report available for all Dynamics AX users. Making those adjustments can be realized much faster and cost efficient compared to developing something completely new from scratch.